• All Malaysia Reports (AMR). Coverage from 1992 Cases selected on importance and point of law by an experienced editorial team and can be downloaded in PDF
  • All Malaysia Commercial Reports (AMCR)
  • All Malaysia Tax Cases (AMTC) (2003-present)
  • Borneo Law Reports (BLR) (2011-present)
  • Malaysian Company and Securities Law Cases
  • Personal Injury Reports (PIR)
  • Unreported judgments
  • Case analysis documents including catchwords, cited cases with judicial treatment, and legislation cited
  • Judicial Treatment for 'cases citing this case'
  • Automated Extraction of Citing References


  • Federal Constitution
  • Principal Legislation
  • Amendment Legislation
  • Federal Subsidiary Legislation
  • Legislation analysis at the provision level showing tables of amendments and commencement information
  • Overview document at the act level detailing all amendments across the entire act
  • Historical Versions of Federal Legislation (2006-present) with version navigator


Commentary By Subject

A time saving tool to present all the commentary chapters from across our entire library of titles into searchable subject groups based on area of law.


  • The Law Review (Sweet & Maxwell) - content includes articles, case digests, and legislation updates
  • Asian Legal Business (from 2013 onwards) combines news and analysis from our team of professional legal journalists and the expert opinion of senior industry professionals with the same Reuters news and insights that power businesses across Asia


  • Legal and Regulatory Developments News
  • Stay current with the latest legal developments. Highlights from the most important legal developments announced by key institutions and organisations as and when they happen.