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Singapore Legislation

  • Westlaw Asia now includes comprehensive coverage of over 6000 pieces of in-force Singapore legislation. Search or browse all Current Acts, Subsidiary legislation and Constitutional documents and view new Singapore legislation analysis documents that link legislation provisions to case citations, journal and commentary content in Westlaw Asia to enhance your research navigation.

Singapore Law Reports Case Analysis

  • Now you can access Singapore Law Reports Case analysis documents that will provide important details and links for Singapore cases. View case summaries where available, party names, catch-words and subject phrases along with links that will connect you directly to related content within Westlaw Asia to enhance your research experience.

View our Release notes for full details on our enhancements

New! International citing references, connecting our content across jurisdictions

  • Linked references between overseas cases and Asian documents that cite them increase the efficiency of your local and common law research

New case analysis citing references

  • All case analysis documents now contain comprehensive references to case law and analytical resources that cite the master full text document, for ease of research

[Malaysia, Philippines and Hong Kong Enhancement] Legislation analysis cross referencing

  • Need to know more about a specific provision of legislation? Our legislation analysis documents now contain the version of law in force, historic versions with in force dates and cases, journals and commentary citing this provision

[Malaysia Enhancement] All Malaysian Law Index added into case analysis documents

  • Sweet and Maxwell’s All Malaysia Law Index provides a comprehensive reported case law citator, including the All Malaysia Reports, All Malaysia Commercial Reports, Borneo Law Report, Personal Injury Reports and parallel citations to Malayan Law Journal and Current Law Journal and more. Click here for the full list

New! Global guides

  • A quick reference guide for the basics of a specific area of law across multiple jurisdictions

View our Release notes for full details on our enhancements

New Content:

New Jurisdiction - Korea

  • Supreme Court Decisions
  • Trial and Appellate Court Decisions
  • Constitutional Court Decisions
  • Korea Current Awareness
  • Korea Commentary
  • Korean Journals
    • Asian Business Lawyer
    • Dongguk Law Review
    • Hanyang Journal of Law
    • Journal of East Asia and International Law
    • Korean Legislation Research Institute Journal of Law and Legislation
    • Korea University Law Review
    • Sungkyunkwan Journal of Science & Technology Law
    • Supreme Court Law Journal
    • Yonsei Law

New Journal – Hong Kong Lawyer (The official journal of the law society of Hong Kong)

New Features:

  • HTML Alerts – Reinstated the HTML format Alert option
  • Enhanced Trails – View all your transaction types in a single list

Enhanced Personalisation:

  • My Folders – A new feature enabling users to save documents from their research into customised folders
  • Highlighting & Annotations – Highlight Text and add notes pertinent to your research within a document
  • Recent Documents – Easily switch between recent documents viewed in your current research session

More Case Law!

  • New Zealand & Australia
  • Now with Australian and New Zealand case law, Westlaw Asia provides a holistic common law legal research experience in a single platform. Westlaw Asia New Zealand case law spans more than 30 online databases comprised of over 160,000 cases from New Zealand’s superior courts, specialist courts and tribunals dating back to 1847. With Westlaw’s powerful search tool, you can pin-point the exact information required. Receive daily updates on case law in real-time from Westlaw Asia New Zealand’s BriefCase database.
  • Philippines
  • With over 10 years of historical coverage and ongoing decisions from the Supreme Court of the Philippines, Westlaw Asia Philippines can assist you in preparing for court.

More Jurisdictions!

Access content from the wider Asia region through a single legal research platform enabling you to keep up to date with the latest legal developments across Asia from more than 19 Jurisdictions!
Current Awareness and Commentary covering Brunei, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Macau, Mongolia Myanmar, Offshore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. Find out more

Westlaw Next Integration

Users who register for OnePass can take advantage of seamless authentication into Westlaw Next. This provides a convenient way to access the additional legal content on Westlaw Next without signing to a different account.


Alerts previously setup in Westlaw HK or Westlaw Malaysia can be activated in Westlaw Asia. Your current alerts that keep you up-to-date with changes in the law can be reactivated with just one click.

Current Awareness

Expanded current awareness now covers 10 more Asian jurisdictions



  • Malaysian Historical Federal Legislation – A unique offering that will enable users to find the law as it stood on specific dates in the past

Hong Kong

  • Hong Kong Annotated Legislation – Provides users with a deeper insight into the intended meaning of law by legislators or as interpreted by the courts.
  • A compilation of 25 new annotated legislation lists have been updated in Westlaw Asia under the “Commentary” section


  • Australian Cases extends the value proposition of Westlaw Asia to provide a holistic common law legal research experience in a single platform